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Here’s the deal, as people with restricted growth one of the main problems is having to deal with other peoples prejudice, ridiculous attitudes and behaviour towards us.

When the people around you are looking at you with ‘change the record’ face because you’ve had another instance of meeting an ignorant, it’s understandable that you want to be able to get your grievance off your chest. Not to do anything about it, just to rant and make sense of the situation and then move on.

Hello Rant Wall, the place where you can air your discontent.  So, if you’ve been stared at a million times today, had someone try to not so discreetly try to take a photo of you ‘because your funny’ or worse, had someone man-handle you without your consent – contact me and I’ll add you to the Rant Wall below.  Here’s the deal – I don’t want to know names, just a brief outline of what happened with the hope it gets it off your chest and back on with getting on with your life.

Who knows, we might generate a picture of the type of ignorance and abuse we face on a daily basis.


  1. Valerie Sims says:

    Hi Little Lady
    Love your Blog, still trying to guess who you are, and if we have met! Would value your comments on an article in The Times next Monday 5th on 3 peoples views of life as a person of restricted growth. Keep writing

  2. Ana says:

    Small teen in big world surely teaches everyone how confidence= beauty.
    I 19 and have no disability but even i learnt from jasmine how being yourself is one thing u can do better than anyone else, her beauty oozes out of her and she’s a great role model.

  3. Larry says:

    As someone who’s grown to love and be in a long-term relationship with someone who is a little person, it was nice stumbling upon your blog and reading about some of your experiences. Everyone is different, but I’m always trying to gain some manner of understanding of what she might feel and experience in situations I’ve never had to deal with. I have to dig through so much ignorance to find anything thoughtful, thank you for that.

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