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Baby Born With Double Dwarfism In The UK

Baby, Nathan Phillips, was born with two types of dwarfism inherited from both parents.  I remember reading about Nathan in the paper and thinking what’s this double dwarfism about and being pretty amazed by the story. I’ve never heard of this being possible! You might remember Nathan’s Mum, Laura from the Channel4 programme ‘Seven Dwarves’ that aired back in 2011. The video below explains more about their story, stick with it even though it sounds a bit robotic. Nathan looks like an absolute cutie – belated congratulations to mum and dad! Channel4 Seven Dwarves »

Programme Review: Channel 4 – Seven Dwarves – 20th September 11

Tonight it was Craig’s turn to have the camera turned on his story in tonight’s episode of Channel 4’s Seven Dwarves (#sevendwarves).  An equally humorous and dark episode which highlights we all discriminate against something in life whether you are short, tall or fat.  Craig’s depiction of this had me stitches with his rant about about ‘fat’ people, not the fact he was mocking fat people, but his imitation of how we can turn the tables around on other minority groups. What annoys me the most though about tonight’s episode and this ‘thing’ occurred on the first Small Teen, Big […]

Programme Review: Channel 4 – Seven Dwarves – 13th September 11

Ok, so I haven’t been a great fan of the title of Channel 4’s Seven Dwarves, however tonight’s episode has been exceptionally good.  This week following, Laura Whitfield from Sunderland and her poignant story of having lost her mum and her problems growing up and the obstacles that she’s overcome to turn her life around. One thing that I was nodding in agreement a lot at was her aspirations to have a main role.  Regular readers will know that this is something I really wish for the actors and performers who are of restricted growth… and I sincerely hope that […]

Channel 4’s Seven Dwarves

I’m afraid the majority of this series has passed me by as I’ve had other things to deal with over the last few weeks, but I managed to catch the first episode of Channel 4’s Seven Dwarves, which was apparently made by the same people who made My Gypsy Wedding. For some reason this didn’t fill me with hope for the show.  I’d read the press releases for the show and it says it attempts to highlight the challenges faced by people with restricted growth.  My first reaction to this is why the hell call the programme Seven Dwarves and […]

The Dwarves Are Coming

I subscribe to the wonderful BBC Ouch programme through my Facebook account to keep up to date about when the latest disability news when an article on their blog caught my eye. The season of the dwarf Turns out that there are few programmes that are going to aired in the coming months.  Excited!?! Well, yes and no. The wonderful Jasmine Burkitt is back on our screens with Small Teen Bigger World as part of the Extraordinary Me season on BBC3. Next up is Channel 4’s offering, oh so, originally titled ‘Seven Dwarves’, that follows (would you believe it) seven […]