Back in 2008, me and my beau at the local supermarket, struggling to put the shopping in the back of the car, when a child shouted to me as they were being led back to their vehicle “Hello Little Lady”.

The mother pulled them away with usual embarrassment in their child making such a social faux pas, but it made me and beau just smile and go “awww” in the way young children make fully grown adults (no pun intended!) go ga-ga. And, regardless, it is always nice on the ego to be called a lady (though not in Little Britain style).

Needless to explain any further, this innocent greeting seemed rather an apt web address for the nature of this blog.

So, if you’re looking for an insight into a small person’s life, welcome to my ramblings and observations on life as a short arse in general.

So, who is Hello Little Lady?

Deep breath… ok, so it’s Dwarfism Awareness Day 25th October 2016.

Before my life was turned upside down with various wonderful and not so wonderful things, I secretly blogged here.
I wrote secretly for two reasons. First the divisions that reside within the dwarf community. Secondly, though I know I have quite a strong voice, I have never been confident in being visible or to be seen to be drawing attention to myself for fear of ridicule or worse.
Time has moved on. Times change. The online landscape seems as angry as ever. However, after much much soul-searching (who me!) I feel ready to join the conversation.
In honour of Dwarfism Awareness Day 2016, I’d like to introduce myself… hello, my name is Steph.