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Media & Academic Request

Media – If you are a media production company looking for help or advice on a documentary you are making, you’re welcome to ask for my opinion. Hello, Little Lady, will not support works or projects that seek to objectify, mock or portray Dwarfism in a negative way.    If you’re looking for people with dwarfism to include in your documentaries, we are also happy to publish your press release request.  To help us help you – please send the press release over with an image either of the documentary or production link, along with links and contact details in the initial email.

Steph is also open to writing and publishing opportunities.

Academics  – Steph is happy to participate in studies for research projects.  Please get in touch with the nature of your project or research.

For all opportunities, get in touch with Steph, at contact@hellolittlelady.com.


Steph created a presentation that discusses how the photographic exhibition ‘You’re Just Little’ came about and the impact the show has had.  The presentation is suited to public bodies and those with an interest in Dwarfism and disability. Steph is happy to visit your organisation to talk to your staff, members, or students. In your email, please include a brief description of the audience type, location and fee (if provided).

Steph is also able to give a talk about Dwarfism in general, please get in touch at contact@hellolittelady.com.

Projects & Partnerships

Steph is open to working on projects and partnerships including those of a participatory nature and select brands.  Please send your brief or ideas to Steph at contact@hellolittlelady.com.
Steph at Hello, Little Lady