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Develop Your Creative Practice – Taking Space

This page is dedicated to my DYCP work funded by Arts Council England.

Please keep checking back as I update the content and share my experience of the process.

Taking Space – Installation

Every day, people with Dwarfism face being objectified by one of the most recent technological advances –  the mobile phone.

The aim of this piece is three-fold. Firstly, a Dwarf person is in control of what photos are shown on the phones’.  Secondly, the gallery viewer walks amongst these ‘phones’ to experience Alice’s freedom of what is shared on the phone rather than being the object.  Finally, the opaque mirrored backs of the phones place the gallery viewer in the same situation many Dwarf people find themselves in daily, making them question, for a fleeting moment, how they would feel becoming the object of curiosity.

Taking Space – Animation

These animations explore motion and freedom in the cultural setting for Alice and as a photographer.


Tools: CapCut

Taking Space – Wall Art

Historically, people with Dwarfism have been objectified in arts and cultural settings. 

Images coming soon.


This work was funded by Arts Council England Develop Your Creative Practice Award.