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Life Got In The Way

Blimey, just looked at my blog here and realised it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Bad Little Lady ha ha.  In all seriousness, life has gotten rather busy since the end of January with some rather major events and other major events me and the beau are planning for later in the year, which is all very exciting.

I’ve not had that many instances where I have had to deal with something regarding my dwarfism.  It likes to pack itself away for a few days, few weeks or few months.  Thankfully it’s been a few months.

Saying that dwarfism has come back into my life in a big way and not necessarily in a negative context – hurrah!  There’s a great buzz around my particular form of dwarfism at the moment.  There’s been features on TV, a magazine article and I’ve heard that there is a documentary being made.   It’s usually parents with children with my form dwarfism, but the documentary sounds hopeful that adults with dwarfism might finally be given a voice.

Well lovelies, must dash, promise, promise I will try and write more regularly.

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