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Programme Review: Channel 4 – Seven Dwarves – 20th September 11

Tonight it was Craig’s turn to have the camera turned on his story in tonight’s episode of Channel 4’s Seven Dwarves (#sevendwarves).  An equally humorous and dark episode which highlights we all discriminate against something in life whether you are short, tall or fat.  Craig’s depiction of this had me stitches with his rant about about ‘fat’ people, not the fact he was mocking fat people, but his imitation of how we can turn the tables around on other minority groups.

What annoys me the most though about tonight’s episode and this ‘thing’ occurred on the first Small Teen, Big World episode is where people in the street who are being recorded as publicly verbally abusing us dwarves for just walking down the street are blurred out.

Why, oh why media producers are these idiots masked out?  Why are they given anonymity for their disgraceful behaviour?   Don’t you realise it legitimises such behaviour to your average person who thinks I can do this even on TV because they won’t be seen?  Why were these people not reported to the police?

Would this have been tolerated or have gone unreported if we were in a wheelchair, if they were a person of colour or particular sexuality?   While good on Channel 4 and the BBC for highlighting such ignorant behaviour – if want to help us dwarves gain respect and dignity in our everyday lives – please can you help us by reporting such horrible, life-grinding-down behaviour to the relevant authorities once they have been caught on camera?  Us dwarves are NEVER granted such anonymity while going about our everyday lives – why the hell are these idiots who are being vile to a minority group?

There is wonderful article titled on The Guardian website ‘Disability Hate Crime Begins with Verbal Abuse‘ by disability rights campaigner, Nicky Clark.  The article echoes a lot of what I have thought and felt over the years, obviously for us dwarves, but is applicable to all of us who come under the label of ‘disability’.  After reading it, I couldn’t help but think, we dwarves have had to take *a lot* of hate over the years.

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