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Please Blow Away You Gales

So the upper part of the great British Isles have been battered by rain and gales over the last few days and don’t I know about it!  Regular readers of HLL will know of my intense, intense hatred of high winds/gales.

This weekend’s blustery times left me literally housebound and unable to go about my daily business for fear of turning into Mary Poppin’s flying umbrella.   The beau was out working and my family were off on holiday so I had to sit tight for about 3 days.  To say I was climbing the walls is an understatement.  I really needed to get to the supermarket too, but was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a disabled car-parking space and that I’d have a trolley drive me once I came back out again – grrr!  Sometimes I really wish I had extra support or that supermarkets would do an express delivery service that only required 24 hours notice!   I’d pay a bit extra for that to know that I would be kept safe.

Apart from strapping bags of sugar to my ankles – does anyone else have any tips for navigating life in high winds?

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