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Little Lady Update

For those regular readers who’ve been wondering if I’ve dropped off the edge of the world, fear not, there’s been some rather exciting news in Little Lady’s world and life has thrown somewhat of a curve-ball.  A major part of my particular dwarfism is a lack of stamina and an overall prevailing of tiredness which means that I can only dedicate myself to one or two main things in life at any one time before, metaphorically-speaking, the tank is empty. Sadly this has meant that this blog has suffered as a consequence. Alas, I’m back on more of an even keel, so hopefully will be posting my little life musings more often.

While, I’ve been away I have been keeping a breadth of the goings on the dwarf community and the larger disabled community.   I was very happy to hear actor Peter Dinklage winning  a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Games of Thrones. I have to confess to not watching this, but it’s on the list of things to-do this year.   I’ve been incredibly dismayed by the developments in the changes from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments which are currently being ping-ponged back and forwards between the Commons and the Lords, more of which I’ll be talking about in future posts.  There’s also my final review of the Warwick Davis and Ricky Gervais’ sitcom – ‘Life’s Too Short’.

So what’s been the curve-ball?  Well, this might actually reveal my identity to those who know me, but, well, er, Little Lady has a little bump 🙂

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