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I Had A Baby

The main reason that I haven’t blogged in such a long time is due to the fact I had a baby, oh and me and the beau decided to move house too.  Let’s just say we packed a lot in and it’s only the month that I’ve finally begun to feel like we are coming out of our dazed bubble.

So yes, we had our darling little baby and the bubba is wonderful, an absolute joy.  The majority of pregnancy went very well, though I was fairly immobile towards the end as I was so huge.  For the most part, I absolutely loved being pregnant. I don’t if it’s a small person thing or disability thing, but I wanted to make sure I enjoyed the experience.  You get so used to people lowering your expectations that you think it’s not possible, plus I know so many lovely ladies who are unable to be mums, I was determined to enjoy every kick, feeling of queasiness and the swollen ankles.

If you’re curious, I had an average sized baby who was born by a bit of a traumatic caesarean.

I had so many fears before meeting the bubba which have thankfully, mostly been unfounded.

To be honest, I’ve not had time to concentrate on the restricted growth thing.  There’s nothing quite like having a bubba to take time away from pondering life’s injustices!  And the new people I’ve met it’s been about being my child’s mother, so it’s a lovely new role to have found myself in.

I’ve also been fortunate that I have restricted growth friends who were already parents to be able to talk to and share the experience. I found antenatal classes were scheduled too far into the pregnancy and I couldn’t get to them because I didn’t know when my due date was, despite asking continuously to be allowed to go earlier, seemed to fall on deaf ears of the midwife service, who incidentally I could not praise enough come the birth and for their postnatal care.

What I would love to know is how other little ladies, who are mums, managed with their births and afterwards?  Please feel free to share your experience below.


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