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The Annoying Thing About Being A Dwarf #455

Ok, there are many things that are annoying about being a dwarf. The stares and comments and downright rudeness. That item you need in the shop is guaranteed to be on the top
blooming shelf.

For me though, one of more annoying things about my smallness, is the incompatibility of long sleeves (usually already rolled up and over) and washing up.

Why, oh, why do I have to look like I’ve taken a mid-morning shower every time I wash up the breakfast dishes, or dinner pots or, or… well, you get the picture. I know it’s not a serious gripe in the grand scheme of it all, but FFS.
Dripping long sleeves, water splashed tops – a lovely look I’m sure. Always seems to happen when I’m heading for the door and have no time to change too.

How to resolve this predicament?

Well I don’t think it’s a valid excuse to get out of doing the washing up all together and can imagine other half’s look on his face if I tried that one, lol.

I’d love a dishwasher, but space and finances do not permit this – le sigh!

Trying to find an apron, in my size and will fit my curves is a nigh on impossibility – probably. Apologises for the hyperbole, I’m feeling suitability aggrieved today!

I thought I’d just grumble on here instead like some grumpy old woman I feel like becoming some days. Meh!

I’m off, wishing you a dry sleeve day… mutter, mutter, grumble grumble.

Any one else have this problem? Solutions greatly received in the comments section.

Little Lady x

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