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Documentary Call-Out: Firecracker Films and Stacey Dooley

Press Release

TV production company Firecracker Films are producing a new documentary and I’d be really interested to speak with any dwarf households that are interested in finding out more…

In this immersive six-part documentary series Award-winning journalist and documentary maker Stacey Dooley will explore a cross-section of society by spending 72 hours in the company of six unique households.

From sleeping in the spare room to sharing family meals and going on outings, she will get involved in the reality of life in the household. The series will cover the universal themes of modern British life, exploring our attitudes to love, relationships, religion, parenting and money.

Honest and insightful, the documentary will reveal the things that make us different but also the things that we all have in common.

If anyone is interested in finding out more please contact the Assistant Producer on the series, Hannah West. Hannah.west@firecrackerfilms.com / 0203 837 7795

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