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Dwarfism Documentary – Participant Request

Documentary filmmaker, Mamaponya Motsai has contacted me to ask if I’ll share this request. Mamaponya is looking for people with dwarfism to share what is like living with this disability.  Details are below.

Mamaponya Motsai Twitter profile pictureI’m a film student at UCL and we have been tasked to do a film about an issue we think is of importance. I love telling stories of underrepresented groups and I decided to try to tell the story giving an idea of what it is like living with dwarfism.

I want to do this by filming someone around as they go about their ordinary lives and of course I will be having conversations with them as we go along. Ideally, this would be someone who really has something to say and will be honest about that.

The project will be published on video hosting sites, Vimeo and YouTube but if any publication shows interest in publishing it, that could also happen.

As I said before, I strongly believe in different groups being represented in the media and in storytelling in general. I would really be honoured to have a chance to tell a story of people whom I believe have not been given a voice in our stories.

If interested please email me on: ucsame2@ucl.ac.uk or 07938 173 932.  You can also connect with Mamaponya on Twitter.

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