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You're Just Little - sample of participant photos from the Dwarf community

You’re Just Little – Participant Photographs

This time last year I put a call out on social media asking people from the Dwarf community to participate in the You’re Just Little exhibition.

It’s very rare, if it happens at all, that we get to see our perspective of the world and society reflected back at us.  Certainly very rarely where we have control over how these perspectives are presented.

I had been keen to add a participatory element to the work, and after not much in the way of support from organisations within the community itself, I uploaded a video asking for Dwarf people, like myself, to take photos from their perspective.

Above are a sample of the collection that participants sent in.  These contributions not only had a visible impact on the visitors to the gallery but also me personally.  As I hung the photos up with string and wooden pegs, I realised I had never seen my own perspective reflected back at me from another’s perspective.  That the way I see the world is also seen that way by others.  That it was an experience shared.

Last year, I spoke about the powerful impact of participant photos. Above are a sample of photographs that were part of that initial show.  You can find out more about all the work included in the ‘You’re Just Little’ exhibition over here.

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