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You're Just Little - my perspective of the door-handle when walking into our conservatory

You’re Just Little – Door Handles

To celebrate Dwarfism 2019, I’m sharing some of the photographs from the ‘You’re Just Little’ exhibition which debuted in 2018. The exhibition shows the challenges, obstacles and societal assumptions that Dwarf people face on a daily basis.


Flipping heck, if I received a £1 for every door handle I catch myself on,  I’d be a millionaire!

In all seriousness, this is one of the quirks of my life. I’ll be walking around and find clothing getting caught on door handles and various bits of furniture that is designed for the average-height world, not mine.

This particular photograph was used in the exhibition as part of the Accessible Artwork or Your Perspective frame. Visitors to the show were able to interact with the frame by pulling up the cable up until it reached their eye-level.

The aim of the piece was to show people, not only my perspective of being just over eye-level of door-handles but to bring that experience up to visitor’s own perspective.

While we’ve come a long way since door handles were placed a good three-quarters high on a door.  The picture, for me, represents that I interact with the environment in a completely different way to average-height people. Having to manoeuvre my body to ensure I don’t injure myself or knock my body off things that the majority don’t need to give a second thought to.


Each day, I share an insight into the stories and the main themes that each of the photographs represents to help celebrate Dwarfism Awareness month.

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