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End Of Week Blues

It’s Friday and I feel seriously depleted in the energy stakes.

It’s like this every week and what is is caused by?  Working, in my attempt to be a good citizen and pay taxes. I’ve spoken to other people with restricted about this and it’s a mix bag. Some people don’t suffer in the stamina stakes, others,  like myself find it hard to string a sentence together and could quite happily crawl in to bed to get the energy reserves back up.

It got me thinking though, if I had the finances what support system I would put into place.

Here’s my wish list:

  • a cleaner – someone to help keep on top of the dust, to use the hoover that is nearly the same size as me, to reach the places I cannot, change the bedding (friends come in handy for the last one)
  • someone to iron clothes – I can only do this in very short bursts because of aching arms and difficulties in standing up for more than a couple of minutes
  • someone to do the shopping and help put it away for me – someone to help with the trolley, the damn top shelf goods, and getting in and out of the car and carried into the house. I’m sick of turning the air blue with this one.  Then again, I have recently woke up to the joys of online grocery shopping 🙂
  • Clean the car – the car wash just doesn’t cut it sometimes and needs a little elbow grease, usually in places I can’t reach grrr!

Friday moan over!  I’m off to enjoy the weekend. I hope you do too.

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