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So You're The One Marrying A Midget

It’s probably been just over a year since my beau had this rather horrible comment said to him while he was at work.

To the uninitiated, some idiot thought it would they would try and get a rise out of him, thankfully beau was moved on quickly by his workmates as he went to punch the offending person.

At the time, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.  It’s one thing to say those things to me, but when it’s someone you love who is being made to feel wrong for loving another person – is quite another. I had simply hoped we would not ever get any trouble.

Even today, it stills feels raw, it’s my beau that I feel for.  We’d never been made to feel different for being a couple up until that point and I had so hoped that we never would in this so called progressive society.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m live in a complete bubble, I notice the curious stares we elicit and it always makes me smile when he bends down to give me a kiss goodbye and you see one or two shocked faces.  On the whole though, it’s been fairly benign curiosity.

Touch wood, there’s not been another incident since then, but I do wonder when as a society, it will become acceptable for disabled people and non-disabled to go about their relationship without being questioned or raising eyebrows about it.

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