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Heads-Up: Small Teen, Big World

…is going primetime!!

The documentary that was initially broadcast on BBC Three and features the life of Jasmine Burkitt and her mum, Bev is being shown on BBC One at 9.00pm.  This is great news for the restricted growth community.

I’ve already watched it twice and thought it was an excellent documentary into our world and not just the difficulties, but the prejudices that we face in just going about our day-to-day lives.

Make it a date in your diary!

BBC1:  Small Teen, Big World – Thursday 9th September at 9.00pm »
BBC One Thursday 9th September Schedule »

BBC Three »


  1. Gerson says:

    Jasmine, do you have facebook or hotmail account? I want to be your friend and your mother also. Please give me the opportunity to meet both of you, I am from Mexico.
    There are special people here in Mexico , but they are special not for their physical or mental condition, they are special because they teach us, every day and every moment how to live with out prejudices about others.

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