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It’s Like Being Famous, But Without The Money

How very true.  This was the phrase used by Bev Burkitt when describing what it is like being a person of restricted growth and the attraction that being so garners, though in our case it’s not sort after like a celebrity.

I watched the BBC documentary ‘Small Teen, Big World’ for the second time to try to watch it in a more critical stance.  However, I’ve found I can’t.

What a wonderful documentary. It deals sensitively with subject of restricted growth that wasn’t overly schmaltzy and it was fantastic to see a documentary where the person with the disability is given the voice.     Complexly layered, the documentary not only highlighted the difficulties faced with being small, but dealing with the Mum and Daughter relationship dynamic, the effects of illness and moving life forward despite what life throws at Jasmine and Bev, who were frank, funny and incredibly engaging about the realities of their lives.

6 out 5 for the BBC too, it’s commendable that they repeated this on prime time TV on BBC1, even more so that such a piece of great real-life TV was commissioned.  More please.

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