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Petite Fashion Autumn 2010

I indulged in some retail therapy today and was pleasantly surprised rather than the usual depressed state it leaves me.  Being an odd body shape where you fit somewhere between children’s and petite sizes is rather frustrating on the fashion front.  I found this morning, that I could get back into an older child size (aged 11 – 14), depending on the fit.  I cannot describe how much of a joy this is to me… petite ranges in ladies of late haven’t been great and only fit if you have a straight figure ( a gripe I’m sure the majority of women have I dare say).

Anyhow – the shopping bug has continued in to the evening and I’ve been having a look around the internet for petite clothing and older girls clothing from the major stores and was loving the following sites:

Shoe-wise I’m particularly enamoured with these Patent Court Shoe With Button Detail – Junior from Priceless Shoes – total bargain at £2.50.

I’ve also stumbled across this small shoe website, on the pricey side, but I just loved looking on the website Pretty Small Shoes.

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