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The Woe Of Automatic Doors

So there I am, stood in front of the library doors, waving my arms around like a prat in the wind and the rain, trying to get the damn sensor to pick me up.

Funny, when looking back, yes. At the time – not at all… and it’s a recurring problem, actually make that most doors. Heavy fire doors doors, handle too high doors, rotating door knob doors, all conspire against the person with restricted growth get in and to move about buildings freely.

The automatic door just compounds this problem even more so.  Why?  Well the only logic I can think of is that the sensor range is set at average height level for most buildings, or for public ones, such as libraries, as I’ve been told, to stop children from escaping onto busy roads.

There have been so many buildings I have walked around the outside of because I’ve thought these particular doors were shut, only to return to my start point knackered to see your average-heighter breeze into said building without a care in the world.

So, if you ever see a person with restricted growth getting irate or looking frustrated in front of some automatic doors, be a love and go and stand under the sensor for us.


  1. I truly feel your pain, I also have RSS. There are so many times where I have had to wait for an average height person to walk up to doors so I can go into the store. I really enjoy your blog. It is really nice “meeting” you.

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