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Donate £5 To The RGA

After listening to the RGA’s chair interview on Able Radio, I would like to ask you guy’s if you would be so generous as to donate £5 to this worthwhile charity?

I cannot describe how important the charity is to helping people and their families with restricted growth.  Granted, it’s not necessarily a tug on your heart strings cause, however, providing the opportunity for people like myself to be able to meet, talk and share experiences of our lives is priceless.

Sadly it isn’t priceless to put events such as the convention or to run the charity, so please give what you can to this worthwhile charity.

Steph Birch (RGA’s chair) also mentions that they are looking for help with sourcing funding – so if you know of anyone that could help, please drop them a line.  You can find their contact details at www.restrictedgrowth.co.uk.

Yes, let me donate £5 to the RGA now »

Many Thanks Peeps 🙂

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