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Dwarf Culture?

Since watching BBC Question Time that inspired a previous post it got me wondering about the visibility of dwarfism/restricted growth in society.

From my own personal perspective, there appears to be little understanding of the day to day lives that we lead, the problems we face and the experiences we have.  Why does the term dwarf still conjure up the caricature of a mythical being? A thing to mock by some comedians for the cheapest laugh?  Or something that is associated with Christmas pantomimes and Snow White?

One of the main complaints from restricted growth community is that there is not a fair representation of restricted growth in public life, in the entertainment industry or role models in various positions.   That we are figures to be mocked and ridiculed rather than to respect as other sub-groups in society have gone a long way to earn.

Which is the crux of it, isn’t respect earned rather than a given?

Whilst it would be great to actually be given the opportunity to earn respect in the quarters that are quick to ridicule, but ask yourself these questions first?

  • Where is our community’s art/artists to show another perspective of restricted growth to challenge the existing stereotypes?
  • Where is the Dwarf music and literature?
    Warwick’s autobiography being the most recent, know of any others?
  • Or other forms of expression that define us as dwarf?

In essence, where is our dwarf culture?

Would this not help raise our community’s profile?  Slowly, quietly even, question and break-down the prejudices that we face, one person, one attitude at a time?  From our own perspective of the world, with our own voice?

As a community, do we want this?  Are we ready to embrace creating and producing this culture?  Exactly what the heck is it?  And where the hell do we start?

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