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Pain Day, Make That Pain Week

Pfft!  I’ve been a right grouch-bag over the last week.


I’m in pain.

I get aches and pains on a daily basis which oddly move around my body.  I think this happens when I rely on one section of my body to compensate for the pain elsewhere, but I digress.

This week’s pain has been slowly creeping up on me and I’m not sure what’s causing it. I feel like someone has stuck a rod up the middle of my spine and the pressure of this is really hurting. Mixed with the fact that my left hip feels like it’s caving in on itself, doesn’t make a happy Little Lady.

I’ve got a fairly high pain threshold, I prefer to take a hot bath, rest up and sleep it off rather than take the pills, but tonight I’ve got the hot water bottle on it and taken the highest dose of Ibrouphen I can and had some sleep.  It’s given me a couple of hours of relief, but I’m sat here now, and it’s back.

I accept this as part of my medical condition and live with it, it’s part of the course.  But I get so frustrated when it spills into other areas of my life.  When I start being grouchy with the people I love in my life.  I feel bad that I get in a bad mood and that just makes it all seem even worse. So frustrating.

What to do???  This problem flares up on a regular basis, it’s been checked out by the Doctors, but nothing shows up.  Grrr!!! Go away you pain beast!  Even tea, chocolate and a good book aren’t sorting this one out – ouch!


  1. Valerie Sims says:

    I think your blog is amazing. I am in the process of writing my life story, well have been for years and years, but have made up my mind to sort it this year. I know its probably what everyone has told you, but I find myself nodding my head at some of your comments. Would you mind if I used some of your wording, giving you credit of course in my book. Will understand if you would rather not.
    I feel as though I probably know you, I take it you live in the UK. Have we met?
    Looking forward to reading more. Best Wishes
    Val. Sims

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