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Early Day Motion 1719 – Public Attitudes Towards People Of Short Stature

It’s come to my attention that an Early Day Motion has been drawn up to challenge the unfair attitudes and prejudices that we, people with various forms of dwarfism are subjected to in the media, by some professionals and more so on the street going about our day-to-day lives.

To carry this motion forward, we need to get in touch with our local MP and ask them to sign it.  If there are not enough signatures the EDM is dropped.

A previous EDM was introduced the late Liberal Democrat MP, Patsy Calton in October 2003.  I’ve not been able to find out what happened after the lady’s work, but it is good news that this issue is being raised again.

Even though there are medical elements that are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act, I would love to see the day when (all forms of) dwarfism become listed as one of the conditions recognised as a disability in all its forms – medical and social.

As you’ll know from my own personal experiences, the main issue with living with dwarfism isn’t my own opinions of my height, but having to deal the opinions and attitudes of so many others.  Do something about it today!

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