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Vote for change in the U.K. 2024 General Election

How to vote in the 2024 U.K. General Election

There’s a general election happening here in the U.K. on Thursday 4th, July. Over the past 14 years of Tory rule, the country has been a very challenging place for disabled people, some of which I have documented on this blog. If you don’t follow politics, this post outlines how to vote in the 2024 …

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Review: ITV Tonight Programme: Against The Odds

I always hold my breath when it comes to ITV’s handling of disability as programming usually sets my teeth on edge due to the narrative usually adopted. So, after watching my daily fix of Emmerdale, and I saw the programme’s title was ‘Against The Odds’. Wow, I thought, maybe this is an actual look at …

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Florida Representative Wants To Repeal Dwarf Tossing Legislation – WTF?

I’ve held off talking about this subject for quite sometime, mainly because it’s to do with those good folks on the other side of the pond, but I’m astonished that a person in government would even propose the repealing legislation that protects us people of short stature from being used as human shotputs. Dwarf-tossing, make …

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Early Day Motion 1719 – Public Attitudes Towards People Of Short Stature

It’s come to my attention that an Early Day Motion has been drawn up to challenge the unfair attitudes and prejudices that we, people with various forms of dwarfism are subjected to in the media, by some professionals and more so on the street going about our day-to-day lives. To carry this motion forward, we …

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What A Long Way We Restricted Growth People Have To Go

< rant > Oh dear, I’ve just watched BBC Question Time and was very saddened by the panels reaction to whereby some of our most senior politicians are using dwarfism to insult each other. Not only am I alarmed at how it is brushed off by one audience member as ‘political correctness gone mad’, but …

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