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What Doesn’t Break You Makes You

Goodness it’s been a while again.  What can I say it, it’s been a very eventful 6 months so far and I wish I could I tell you it’s all been positive that’s kept me away from the keyboard.

So far it’s been a year with 3 funerals, job interviews and planning a wedding, along with various health problems to add to the mix. Needless to say I haven’t felt like talking very much, nor the time to share my thoughts on the world at large and for that dear reader I can only apologise.  I can only suggest that you see it as  a sabbatical I have undertook to deal with the complexities of life, for which I just beginning to feel like I’m coming out the other side.

I hit my ‘how much more crap can I take’ moment a couple of weeks ago, with virtual steam shooting out of my ears and the desire to have a bloody good cry.   This was after  managing to have an argument with a loved one first thing on a Monday morning and had really managed to outdone myself in making sure the week ahead would be stressful – bum.

Far from being so, it was actually a turning point.  Whether the planets had finally decided to align positively for a change, something inside me had finally snapped. I had said that I was incredibly unhappy with this particular situation, I was tired of trying to keep everyone happy and keeping the positive spin on the events that have unfolded lately.  I was on a roll of ‘I’ve had enoughs’.

One wise lady who was hearing this tirade of frustration and my counter self-argument that I shouldn’t let things get to me turned around and said… “it’s OK to feel sorry for yourself, you’ve been through some of the most stressful situations in life that a person can go through, in quite a short period of time”.

And that was it, I felt my first ray of sunshine in ages.  Not in the window was actually coming through type of sunshine, but one that allowed me to smile.  To think, bah, I’m sick of all this, woe is me, why me, and then OK, I have had enough now of feeling sorry for myself, now lets get on with it without the martyrdom.

Another pearl of wisdom that my lovely lady also came out with that has been swirling around my head this week is ‘what doesn’t break you, makes you’.  So true, huh?!?

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