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How Do I Stop My Son Marrying A Midget?

< rant >

Excuse me?!?

I’ve been analysing the keywords readers are using to find HelloLittleLady.com.   I was aghast at seeing the phrase above. How disgusting, how bigoted, narrow minded can one particular searcher be?!?

Not happy with the fact that this person’s son has found love, they are actively looking for ways to sabotage their relationship!   I thought these types of discriminating views were banished to the stone ages or at the very least the twentieth century.

I did a quick search on the web for the search term and while there does appear to be some sane people on the web who actually realise that we people with restricted growth are actually human and not something to be laughed at a circus, the amount of vitriol and outdated stereotypes bandied about about people with dwarfism still makes my toes curl.  Surely on this alone we should be covered by the Disability Discrimination Act?

Absolutely disgusted.
< / rant over>


  1. You know it was attitudes like the above that lead me to never imagine I would one day find love… but I did and he is marrying me! And no one seems to mind. You get a lot of prejudice in the world but who ever is trying to stop their son’s happy marriage is clearly a dick and I bet the adversary challenge to their relationship makes it stronger.

    The discrimination I’ve met in my own relationship fortunately wasn’t from family but 3rd party aquaintances… However, it only proved that communication between my partner and I was amazing and the biggest strength in our union. In a way, I know I’ve found a better man than most because we were tested early and it brought us closer together, weeding out any superficiality.

    I would have responded to such prejudice before with the thought ‘that is was a shame that person breeded’… but it seems they raised a beautiful son, despite themselves. What an amazing man, to be able to see the error of his parent’s way and embrace the world with an open heart.

    It’s hopeful 🙂

    • Little Lady says:

      First of all, I want to say a MASSIVE congratulations on getting engaged! That is wonderful, wonderful news 🙂 I wish you and your fiancée all the happiness in the world.
      Thank you for also taking the time to comment on this blog. I’m a big fan of your work and think it’s great that you take roles that you want to do, not what the stereotype of dwarf actors seems to be.

      On the subject of this post, yes I agree, it is because of prejudice and well-meaning, but confidence bashing, comments from people, I also thought I would never find that special someone. Luckily for me to, I have, and me and the beau recently got married. Enjoy yours, it is an amazing amazing day. (Sooo want to be a girl right now and ask you where are you getting married, are you getting your dress made, have you got a theme? But I respect that it’s a private thing 😉 have a fab day! )

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