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Small Teen, Bigger World Interview on This Morning

Jasmine and her mum, Bev Burkitt joined Phillip Schofield on the This Morning Show on Monday for a chat about their new documentary ‘Small Teen, Bigger World’ on that aired on BBC3 that evening.

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  1. Katie Bullock says:

    I just want to say what an absoloute fantastic documentry. It gave real insight to Jazz and Bev’s lifes. As a viewer it really feels like I know them. What great people! I definitly hope there is another series and look forward to it. Hope Jazz is doing well and hope she is back in touch with her dad. I think everyone was gutted for both Jazz and Bev.

    Thank you

    Katie Bullock

  2. B Moisey says:

    Just to say how much I love you both, Bev I love your sense of humour, and Jaz I love your outlook on life. I hope we don,t lose touch with you and the BBC will continue to follow your progress through life. x

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