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BBC Ouch! Podcast with Jasmine and Bev Burkitt

Ladies and Gents the wonderful Jasmine and Bev Burkitt can be heard interviewed by Mat Fraser and Liz Carr on the Ouch Podcast, the disability talk show brought to you by the BBC.  They talk about their documentary Small Teen, Bigger World, their future plans and their opinion on the portrayal of restricted growth people in the entertainment industry.

Oh and Liz and Matt, to clarify, disabled toilets for us dwarves are pretty much inaccessible 😉

Listen to the show 73 »


  1. Jacquie says:

    Just watched tonights Small Teen, Bigger World and would like to know if its possible to adopt Grandad Norman. What a wonderful family and loving bond they have, has left me in tears, wishing them all lots of happiness and health for the future.

  2. Rina says:

    Just want to say what an inspirational family with so much love and courage! It is true that life has no limits as long as you have one and other and believe in yourself. It’s been a long time since I saw a good documentary. It’s such a precious thing to have so much video footage of Jazz and Bev. Can’t wait to see the next episode and wishing Jazz, Bev and family all the best.

    R x

  3. dave says:

    just saw you on tv wow what a family wish i could learn more about you all as said probably loads of times before what an inspirational family
    jass will you be my freind on facebook? lol i bet you get that a lot to

  4. Angela Hepburn says:

    I have just finished watching the series about Jazz and her family and my immediate response was that I would love to go to Colwyn Bay and meet them all! How lucky Jazz is to have such a supportive and loving mother and grandad, irrespective of her size. It was wonderful to see a documentary that shows the very best in human nature for a change. What a wise and generous natured young lady Jazz has become. Any parent would be so proud of her. I absolutely ADORE her mum, Bev’s sense of humour. It would be great fun to have her as a friend! I am so happy for them that they have found their dream home and I really hope her Dad, Paul manages to sort himself out. He seems like such a gentle man and all the riches in the world could not replace being part of such a wonderful family. He should carry round a photo of them and look at it every time he feels tempted. And Jazz did a fantastic job with the voice over on the sound track too. We may be seeing more of her…

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