1. Heather says:

    Dear Jasmine,

    I just would like to say what an amazing person you are – I have just finished watching the episode where you have discovered that your father Paul has lapsed and taken heroin again and the great disappointment and hurt that you felt as a consequence. May I say as a mother of a son who lost his way and then found in him the strength to turn things around and succeed, that before you completely cut him off from your life that you perhaps see or speak to someone who is a specialist in drug addiction who can give you a greater understanding of the problem. I know the old adage “until you walk a mile in my shoes”, but I was struck by his genuine efforts to rehabilitate himself after such a long, long time of living in a drug haze. Perhaps they (specialists) may be able to advise you how to have some relationship with boundaries with him. I understand the need to protect yourself emotionally and spiritually but I was really touched by the way in which he so reached out to you when you wrote to him and how eager he was to try. I guess what I am suggesting is things aren’t always black or white unfortunately and sometimes in this world there is more “grey” areas than we sometimes like.

    You and your mum take care – love, light and laughter

    With metta



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