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Programme Review: Small Teen, Bigger World

Over the last month, I’ve laughed, cried and at times felt uncomfortable as Jasmine and her Mum, Bev have allowed us a glimpse into their world.

Bev provides a wonderful lightness to the somewhat heavy subjects handled throughout the documentary series.  Remembered my own shock of failing my first driving test after always seeming to glide through life with the air of confidence that comes with having a loving, supportive family network.  It was difficult to watch Jazz’s condemnation and what appeared to be a lack of understanding at her father’s lapse back into drugs at the end of the series.

But let’s take a step back for a moment – Jazz is a 17 year-old young woman, who having already experienced more than most in life, is finding out that there are still many many more out there that are also good and bad.  That not everything is black and white, that life is many shades of grey inbetween and it is these experiences that will make her the woman she is just beginning to find herself becoming.  I truly wish the Dad all the best in his recovery and hope that he is receiving the best support possible.

Once again, Nine Lives, have treat us to an honest depiction of what not only is it like to live as a person with restricted growth in the world, but also that Jasmine and her mum are first, and most importantly, human.   Warts, foibles and all, regardless of one’s height.

Another series perhaps Nine Lives?

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  1. Paris says:

    Hi Jazz and Bev
    I think you are both sooo inspirational it puts so many people to shame, it shows everyone that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!
    I think it is sooo sad how your father chose drugs over both of you – again! It made me cry it has been a rocky road for both of you and all of your family.
    I loved how you found a lovely new house,Jazz got to have a love life,Jazz was able to go to America and do what she loved and she was able to learn to drive 🙂 Jazz you have acheieved so much in your life you have not let your size hold you back,you had a dream to do with animals and you worked hard and won an award – Well Done 🙂
    I think it is nice for you to meet your Dad but if he is going to think he can have the best of both worlds that is not how life works.I have watched the programme since the first episode 🙂 I love the way how you love to be independant and I wish both of you all the best for now and in the future x x x Good Luck with the rest of your life.

  2. Angela McQ says:

    What an inspirational young lady. I think her Mum is fab and soo funny, her grandparents are amazing and the family as a whole were great to watch and understand, good luck with the future to you all. xxxx

  3. leanne rogers says:

    What a brilliant programme!!! I have nothing against dwarfs and midgets but I really have got a terrible fear of them, its bad and I feel totally bad for having it but after watching bev and jazz I don’t feel as scared, I would love to sit and have a cuppa with them both, they both are highly inspirational women and have been a joy to watch.thanks.x

    • Little Lady says:

      Leanne you are very brave to admit such a thing on a blog written by a dwarf and I’m glad the show has gone some way in helping you over your ‘phobia’. As you have realised from the show, we are people just like yourself with our own fears, aspirations, dealing with our day-to-day lives as well as having to deal with such comments that people like yourself make. I’m appalled at whatever or whoever has given you such prejudice views of people of short stature. I can only hope your comment highlights to other readers that this is the sort of prejudice we as people of short stature face on a daily basis. Thank you for your honesty Leanne, people on the street tend not to be so.

  4. PAT SAUNDERS says:

    I loved this programme, and would be very proud to call this girl my daughter, she is amazing and so is her mother, they are beautiful people, and how they love one another. I hope Dad sees the light and goes back to them after rehab, or does he deserve another chance after meeting them after all those years and then spoiling it.

    I wish them both all the very best for the future and hope they do a follow up programme

  5. Dear Jasmine, after watching you on Small Teen Big World I feel that I just had to contact you. After watching how upset you were on the last episode my heart just went out to you. Please do not give up on your dad, I know that deep down you love him and love having him in your life.

    But it is not that simple to drug users its not a choice me or the drugs well not really, the drugs always come first whether we like it or not. Its not that they choose them over us its just that they cant get away from the pull of them.

    Your dad did fail and went back to them but look at it as a learning curve and learn from it, everytime he slips up he will learn from that mistake and make him stronger next time.

    It took my husband at lease 4 attempts at rehabilitation and detox and years being on a methodone programme but each time it went wrong they sort of learn from that even if they dont show it. My husband is now today 18month clean from all drugs and drink he has a job and is loving it after never had a job before. He has a purpose in life goes regulary to NA meetings and has a good network of like minded people life is good SO NEVER GIVE UP you can keep your dad at arms length so to speak because you dont want to get hurt again but you must’nt cut him off completley show him you care and understand how does he feel that he hurt you probably worse than you will every know. Drug taking makes them have less feelings and unable to show them.

    Why dont you try to access a network of groups set up for families of drug takers you might be surprised by the support and will give you more of an understanding.


  6. jan williams says:

    I am Levi s mum,and i would like to say thankyou to the nine lives production team, for both of the series they have made covering Jazz s life is the best veiwing on tv i have seen in a very long time. The Burkitt family are lovely people,who welcomed my son levi with open arms,as jazz s boyfreind.Jazz is a true inspirational young lady who i admire greatly. Come on producers of the nine lives team the nation and myself want series 3 please .

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