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BBC Magazine Article – The Dwarf Actor Dilemma

Damon Rose has written this excellent article about dwarfism and acting and thoroughly recommend that you read it.  I have often thought and felt down that the majority of roles available to people with restricted growth tend to be of the fantasy kind or that we are used for entertainment purposes.  For example, Cheryl Cole hiring dwarves as a birthday present to Simon Cowell, dwarf-tossing or as mini-versions of established celebrities.

One day I would love to see a person with restricted growth as a strong central character in a major motion film where the storyline doesn’t include any form of fantasy or mysticism.   I remember overhearing once, another person of restricted growth, saying that they think it will not happen in their lifetime.  This makes me sad.  The only way I can see the tide turning, is if people with restricted growth are given the skills and opportunities to create such films ourselves.  One for the Arts Council to consider?

Read Damon Rose’s The Dwarf Actor Dilemma article here »

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