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TV Review: Life’s Too Short – Episode 1

So, the nation was finally exposed to the first episode of Gervais’ – Life’s Too Short on BBC2.   One of the things that appears to shine through is the focus on the central characters personality, which having read other reviews around t’internet, agree that some of the situations would have been funny regardless of Warwick’s height.  There were a few moments where I thought are we watching The Office/Extras here?  Which to be fair, isn’t really the kind of comedy that I like. An idiot is an idiot, regardless of their height.

The only thing I think it might have is a weirdly positive effect on is raising awareness of the barriers that we people of restricted growth face, introduced to the masses through comedy.  Whether this means we are being mocked because of the situations we find ourselves, or whether it may provide us with the opportunity to laugh at ourselves, remains to be seen.

A slow starter, but will keep watching before passing final judgement.

What do you think?

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