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The Making of… Life’s Too Short Review

I really, really wanted to hate this programme and there were a few toe-curling moments. But not because it was a gag about a dwarf or poking fun at a dwarf.  What really comes through is the strength of (or more like the lack of) character played by Warwick Davis.  How many of us can identify with the person that tries too hard while making a prat of themselves – regardless of their height?

I hate to admit it, but I actually laughed out loud on more than once.  The Brokeback Mountain sketch with Ricky and Stephen Merchant with their ‘scintillating’ sex talk.  The other where Warwick’s character is appalled that his date (the wonderful Kiruna playing Amy) is also a dwarf.  While amusing, goes right to the heart of and challenges the do you date your own dilemma in the dwarf community in the sense that it’s the ‘only option’, most cute. For the record, I believe love finds you, you don’t get to choose who, in whatever shape, size or colour you fall in love with.

A thought occurred to me as I was watching this… could this comedy series be the one that makes our community question our own belief and attitudes about ourselves?  The jury is still out Mr Gervais and Mr Davis, but you’ve got the nod of approval for what I’ve watched so far.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Ableize says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm can’t really decide if I liked it, thought it was a p**s take or what, must admit I did find the “lean back to far of the chair” scene funny but that can happen to anybody, did find the falling out the car part a bit unnecessary and not at all funny, probably because it did relate to size and the problems that can go with it.

    Like I say i’m undecided but I was captured enough to want to watch more, saying that I did feel at the end of “the making of” that it was broadcasted to dispel some of the stick the makers will get as it shows next week and an attempt to say hey look we are no taking the p**s. A sort of “in our defence” programme before it shows?

    Anybody else feel that?

    • Little Lady says:

      Hi Ableize, thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you, normally ‘making-of’ programmes come after the series has aired, yes no?? Considering the last time we saw Warwick on the screen cumulated in Gervais kicking him, it’s no wonder that, especially the dwarf community, was worried how we were going to be portrayed. Faith in Gervais’ handling of disability doesn’t inspire faith especially after the ‘m**g’ episode with Gervais a few weeks ago.

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