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The Dwarves Are Coming

I subscribe to the wonderful BBC Ouch programme through my Facebook account to keep up to date about when the latest disability news when an article on their blog caught my eye. The season of the dwarf Turns out that there are few programmes that are going to aired in the coming months.  Excited!?! Well, …

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Katie Price and the Bully Boy Frankie Boyle

The ‘comedian’ Frankie Boyle’s been at it again, and I say comedian in the loosest sense of the term, because really, this guy seriously isn’t funny.  Not content with picking on kids with Down Syndrome, he’s now picking on a specific disabled kid. Good on Katie Price for sticking up for her son Harvey and …

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Label Me, Label You

Label for me, Label for you.…we all get them given, we all give them.  I imagine even the nicest person in the world without prejudices will at some point make snap judgement about the people they meet…  whether it’s about someone’s manner in which they present themselves, how they behave or their accent.  Each of …

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