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TV Review: Life’s Too Short – Episode 2

…oops!  Have fallen behind on the reviewing of this series, but more of why later.    I caught up with the second episode of ‘Life’s Too Short’ on BBC 2 with the Wednesday repeat with the full intention of finding the show not funny.   While I could rile at why on earth an adult man was made to stand in a toilet ‘for fun’ or why on earth Johnny Depp would participate in helping another actor making a fool of a person solely because of their height, I do admit to the need to eat a very small piece of humble pie.  That particular sketch was uncomfortable from a dwarf perspective, but the ensuing scene with Depp, Davis, Gervais and Merchant was hilarious. Highlighting that no one character on the show escapes being poked fun at, including Gervais himself.

What I did find refreshing is being able to laugh at a situation from a dwarf perspective.  The money-making idea ‘brainstorming’ session between Warwick and his assistant Cheryl captured wonderfully the more surreal conversations us dwarves encounter with so-called ‘normies’. A multi-layered, cleverly written scene that could be appreciated from different perspectives.

Warwick’s character is beginning to shine through to, while not particularly likeable, I think that what really comes through is that this mockumentary isn’t just about height – it’s about lack of human decency, social and self-awareness that isn’t pretty whether you are tall or short.

A marked improvement on the previous episodes – looking forward to seeing the next.

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