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TV Review: Short Work on BBC

This documentary presents the difficulties that people with dwarfism have in the media and entertainment industry.   Many of you who have read this blog, know that I would love to see people with restricted growth to be represented more fairly on screen, in comedy and in film.

It follows Rachel Denning and other short actors and a comedian trying to make it in a business that only seems to send mythical and fantasy roles our way with interesting commentary from our somewhat more optimistic American counterparts.

The documentary shows quite frankly the pressures and limited roles available.  It was particularly awkward to watch Rachel acting a mini Uma Thurman for a commercial.

From my own perspective, how on earth one could not feel exploited or laughed at, is beyond me when you’ve got a section of the media making a production that perpetuates the stereotype that we dwarves are only useful for spoof or comic cover versions of the original films.

I wish Rachel the best of luck though in the future, as her other auditions were fabulous and can just imagine her with a role in ‘Corrie’ or maybe Eastenders. We can wish hey!?

I also was saddened to hear Boardwalk Empire’s, Nic Novicki, say that he thinks there will never be a ‘bankable’ dwarf actor for a major motion movie in his lifetime, says to me, and  the rest of the dwarf community that there is still a long way to go.

That said, there were some inspiration in the show.  Boston Legal’s – Meredith Eaton was spot on for saying that us dwarves have to lead the way in getting more ‘normal’ roles on TV and in film.  I was particularly charmed by Warwick Davis’ comment about how some people have to get piercings or dye their hair to be ‘different’, we in fact are and that can only be an advantage.

Now where are those roles….?

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