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TV Review: Life’s Too Short – Episode 3

Oh-oh I thought when we opened with a scene with dwarf-tossing, but alas the most excruciating and embarrassing moments where left for the main character Warwick.  Once again we were treat to Warwick’s lack of social and self-awareness, this time, not just to life in general, but also within his own community.

We’re only into the third episode but, having watched Short Work on the iPlayer before, a thought struck me.  Yes, it’s great that Warwick is finally getting to act in his own clothes so to speak, but the character here, is still rather vile.  Does this mean that in some strange way that the stereotype of the ‘poison, fantasy dwarf’ to mock and deride is still being perpetuated?


However, I think the difference with this particular show is that it is highlighting the stereotypes faced by us dwarves, from all sections of society.  That seems to me quite a clever way to ‘educate’ ordinary people to the prejudices and ignorances we face on a daily basis.  Though the many being left in muddle situations the character finds himself (i.e being left in the bin) because of his height, is already beginning to wear a bit thin.

What say you?

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