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If You Read One Blog This Month – Check Out Kiruna Stamell’s

For all fans of Kiruna Stamell, check out her self-entitled blog/official website.  I first saw Kiruna in Graeae Theatre Company’s production of ‘Whiter Than Snow‘ as it toured the country a few years ago.

Kiruna is an actress who originates from Australia and has worked extensively in theatre, is known for her roles in Channel 4’s ‘Cast-Offs’ and more recently, as Warwick Davis’ love interest in BBC 2’s ‘Life’s Too Short’.

The actress has also been branching out into stand-up comedy with her own show in Adelaide entitled ‘Why Dwarves Hate Christmas’ at the end of February, beginning of March.  Good luck with that, would love to see it.

Any how, check out Kiruna’s superb blog »


  1. Thanks, stoked that you’ve given me a lovely plug on your blog… which I also follow…

    I’ve managed to offend another woman with dwarfism already though… when I posted the title of my show ‘Why Dwarves Hate Christmas’ on facebook.
    She responded ‘Do we?’.
    I – thinking she was joking – jested… ‘Of course we do. Oh [****] you won’t know how to be a ‘real’ dwarf until you’ve seen my show. I know, I can’t claim to speak for every dwarf, but I do anyway… he he.’
    She didn’t get that I was joking because she wrote, ‘I am not going to even dignify that with a response’ … Then promptly de-friended me on facebook.
    So please have a read of my blog… if you like it and like my politics I’ll try not to alienate you 🙂

  2. Little Lady says:

    Thanks Kiruna 🙂 The problem with interpretations on the web hey? Hope the show is going well… will there be a recording of it available any time soon? Or perhaps you’ll be bringing it over to British shores soon??

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