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The Guardian – Let’s Talk About Disability Series

Talking About Disability

The wonderful and frank ‘Talking about disability’ series on The Guardian website.  Disability campaigner Nicola Clark chats with Warwick Davis, Baroness Tanni Gray-Thompson and Sally Bercow about their experiences of disability.

From the dwarf perspective, I love Warwick’s recounting his P.E. frustrations at school, something I gladly left behind at a young age.  Another spot on point was about being more able to problem solve within the environment we have to navigate through and that dwarfism isn’t just about being short, but the whole raft of difficulties – medical and otherwise we face.  I have to agree with Nicola’s comment further down the page, that Life’s Too Short was actually ahead of its time, even if some of it was excruciating to watch as a fellow dwarf.

I found Jo Whiley’s video especially poignant and shows another side to the DJ, with Sally Bercow’s being spot on with how us disabled and our carers are currently being treated by this particular government.

Just wish there was more of this type of fair representation in the mainstream tabloids about what disability is really like, rather than whipping the public into a frenzy by focusing on those apparently claiming disability benefits fraudulently.

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