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Will I Have To Give Up Work?

…no not because I’ve had a baby, but because I might lose my DLA, thus my Motability car and access to getting to work.

The criteria is apparently getting more stringent so the government can cut this particular benefit bill.

It scares me.

Not only will it mean I won’t be able to get to hospital and medical appointments, visit family and friends, but it will mean I will have to give up my job.

There is no way I can physically manage or afford a taxi, a train and then another taxi to get to my place of employment.

Quite frankly, it sucks!

Surely this goes against the government rhetoric of supporting disabled people into work???


  1. Erin says:

    I don’t think the government has thought it through, in the long run they will not save any money, they’ll just be making life hell for disabled people. They see disability in terms of being able to walk or not (less than 10% of disabled people are wheelchair users), not that things such as transport are inaccessible both spatially and socially for a whole range of disabilities. Typical how disabled people are once again used as scapegoats.

    • Erin says:

      * not being able to walk I meant. I have difficulties using public transport due to it being difficult to access spatially because of my height and also socially because of my height and how it is a source of amusement and an excuse for people to puch and shove further

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