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The ‘joys’ of buying car insurance as a disabled driver

It’s been that ‘delightful’ time of year to renew my car insurance. My current insurer had sent me a renewal that put my quote up over a £100 than what I paid last year. I felt a bit hopeful that access to different insurance brokers may have widened since before I went back on the …

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War on Welfare and other petitions

I haven’t had my head completely in the sand this last few months and I’ve been increasingly despairing at the looming changes to Disability Living Allowance into Personal Independence Payments. Thankfully the disgraceful treatment of disabled people at the hand of ATOS and their Work Capability Assessments are finally beginning to make into mainstream media …

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DLA To Be Cut From 2013

I’m saddened to hear the announcement in the ConDems emergency budget that the DLA forms are to be replaced with a medical assessment and there are to be overall cuts.  Whilst I get the ideology behind the reasons that every part of society needs to feel the brunt of the deficit, I’m a bit bewildered …

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