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Exhausted With Toddler

Oh man, just when I think I’m in a roll again, it feels like life conspires to make you realise you’re not.

The Beau has been working loads lately, meaning I’ve been doing the majority of the child care. It’s great, don’t get me wrong and I’ve come to a level of acceptance of my situation, so much so that I can enjoy and appreciate my time with dear toddler. There’s lots of smiles, giggles and laughter rolling around the floor with sock puppets. However there are times when I would like an hour or two just to myself. To sit and type in front of my laptop, to think and ponder. To sleep. To recharge.

Such is life though, it’s one or the other, and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I’ve got such an amazing child (but then most parents will say that won’t they!).

Looks like DC is about to fall asleep for a nap, think I might join them… speak soon x

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