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I’ll Go And Get Midget Legs

Walking in the park with my dear child I passed a couple of women. They clocked me out of the corner of their eyes, smirked at each other, then as we were walking past – one said to the other… “I’ll go and get midget legs”, referring to one of their own kids all the while looking sideways towards me.

Le sigh!

“That’s not a nice word to call someone”, I said to my child, who had no idea of the situation her mum was experiencing considering they are only 2 years old.

Now, is it me or was I being paranoid? I know it sounds awful but these people certainly didn’t look like they would forgo missing morning TV.

I think as a person of restricted growth you develop a kind of barometer of how which type of people will react which particular way. In this instance I just had the feeling something was going to be said, and it was. I’m sure they deliberately set out to make me uncomfortable and they did. They tried to be clever about the insult, but made themselves look pretty stupid in the process.

Still stings a bit though – g*ts.

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