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Socially Awkward Dwarf Moment #995

He! There are times when being little does give you a good giggle.

Me, the hubby, the in-laws along with LO were dining out at the local cavery.

Now for anyone who doesn’t know what a carvery is, it’s where one can get a full English Sunday roast literally every day of the week – should one care too – what a heavenly thought!

Anyway, back to the story. In this particular venue, under 3’s are given there own brightly coloured IKEA plastic plate to share their parent’s dinner.

I reach the counter, which I never see over and the server usually never sees me. The chef bends down to see me through the gap and there’s that split second he clocks the plastic plate and I can tell what he’s thinking/hyperventilating about…

‘Is she wanting a child’s size portion on that plate, oh god, what do I do? She’s an adult, what do I say?!?’

I put the plate under my arm, smile and look at the adult plates.

He says, ‘What can I get you love?’

The moment passes. We both breathe easy again and move on.

Oh man, I could’ve had some fun with that situation, couldn’t I and passed him that plate for the hell of it. But no, me and the hubby had a good giggle, recounting it later on.

I wonder if these sort of experiences will still happen when I’ve got grey hair…

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