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Listening to this week 10/02/20

Winter blues are rather stifling and it’s far too easy to stay in your own head as we do indoors.  While I love the crispness of the cold, hibernating does not make for a productive person.   There are certain times of the year when we need to rest and recuperate, to slow down a bit and catch up with ourselves.  Personally, I find these times result in inertia, overthinking things too much and chasing myself around in circles.  The stormy weather means I am having to stay in more because strong winds and dwarfism are never a good mix, which means more chance to listen to podcasts. Silver lining and all that.

Podcasts and podcasting have been part of my life for over 15 years.  I first heard of podcasting when I did my Masters in Radio at the University of Sunderland,  producing The Bunker Podcasts for my final project.   The medium was literally taking off at the time and it was an exciting time to be part of that.

In 2020, podcasts have changed the radio landscape.  There are so many good podcasts to listen to these days. Personally, I’ve felt overwhelmed by the amount available and which ones I should and actually want to be listening to.

To kickstart the idea, I’ve selected a few episodes that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to over the last few months rather than the last week, as the title suggests. The idea is to get into the habit of sharing my weekly audio finds with you. Enjoy!

Sh**ged Married Annoyed – Episode 49 – Brace Yourself

At the Influencing Event 2020 at Gosforth Civic Theatre, the hilarious Rosie Ramsey was the main guest talking about her experiences of podcasting.  Thought it was a good idea to get acquainted with Sh*gged. Married. Annoyed – the podcast that Rosie records with her husband, comedian, Chris Ramsey.  They set up the podcast as a way to talk without being interrupted by their toddler or end up staring at their phones.

Goodness, I haven’t laughed so much in ages.  These guys are seriously funny. Regardless of whether you are married or not, the banter between Rosie and Chris is gold and provides a much-needed antidote to the woes of the world at the moment.

If you have a spare hour, make sure you have a listen in (opens in Spotify).

As Me with Sinéad – Episode 1

Sinéad Burke is the little person taking the fashion and design industry by storm with her TED Talk, and being the first person with Dwarfism to appear on the cover of Vogue in September 2019.  Sinéad teamed up with Lemonada Media to launch the As Me podcast.  In the first episode, she talks to her childhood fashion idol, Victoria Beckham.  There’s something reassuring listening to Sinéad’s gentle lilt, which makes it feel like you are sat in a room with friends talking about the issues of the day.

Dolly Parton’s America Podcast

Hosted by Jad Abumrad, creator of Radiolab and More Perfect and produced and reported by Shima Oliaee, Dolly Parton’s America is a gem of a podcast about a national icon and treasure, whose careers spans over 6 decades.

I’m not shy in telling people of my admiration for Dolly Parton. These podcasts are a rare insight into the world and image that Dolly has created and inspired.  Featuring interviews with the good lady herself, the podcast series asks what it is about Dolly Parton, her music, entrepreneurship and philanthropy, that unites people who would otherwise be divided.

It’s incredibly well-produced as well, which makes for an even more enjoyable listening experience.

Listen to Dolly Parton’s America (opens in Spotify).


While you’re here…

Dwarfism Podcasting Workshop Sunderland 25th April 2020On Saturday 25th April 2020,  the second podcasting workshop for the Dwarfism community is taking place at the University of Sunderland.

We’ll be talking about what’s next for the Dwarfism representation in arts, culture and media while learning how to podcast too.

If there’s anyone you think would be interested in joining us (it’s for people specifically with Dwarfism), please can you share this page with them?

If you’re a Dwarf person – it would be great if you could join us!

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