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Listening to this week 17/02/2020

It’s half-term for us and it feels like we’ve packed a load of fun things in already. We’ve been to Tynemouth Aquarium, St Mary’s Lighthouse, Roker beach, Pizza Hut and trying out the local community swimming pool – thankfully not all in the same day!

The week has also been a bit of challenging in terms of having my new hearing aids fitted.  If you follow my Instagram feed, you can see how I talk about the mixed feelings I had about going from in-the-ear hearing aids to bilateral behind-the-ear aids.  The appointment went and the transition has been a lot easier than I thought would happen and goodness, I can actually hear things I couldn’t before, even when I had the single hearing aid.

School holidays also mean more stares from curious kids. Please parents, if you’re kids have questions, please let them ask. In the same vein, please let them know it’s rude to gawp.

I’m particularly glad, I’ve managed to fit a few podcasts this week too. Here’s my recommendations for this week.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

The Big 5 Questions is the HRH Duchess of Cambridge’s new initiative to help create a national conversation around early years and childhood.  This week,  the Duchess joined Giovanna Fletcher‘s Happy Mum, Happy Baby Podcast to talk about the survey and her own childhood experiences

I found this particular podcast relatable and shows that we mums all face similar challenges when you become a parent.
From my own personal experience of birth and after support, the first two years were particularly hard going and lonely.  Partly because of a lack of toddler groups in the area (Sure Start was a godsend). Partly because, as a disabled mum, I struggled with getting out of the house and worried that I may be judged for being a disabled parent.

The 5 Big Questions is a wonderful initiative and I can’t wait to see what impact it has on early years provision especially.

Have your say and participate in the conversation: https://5bigquestions.org.uk

Stand Alone Podcast – Introduction

Award-winning producer, Jay Sykes, chats with Becca Bland about her charity Stand Alone – supporting people who are estranged adults.

The episode effortlessly weaves the story of how the charity came into being alongside the segments of stories from those who have experienced estrangement.

The podcast aims to reach those who do not live near a support group and to bring a face to an often taboo subject in society – that of being estranged from your family.

Find out more about Stand Alone charity – https://www.standalone.org.uk

Failing Better: inspiring conversations about failure – Episode 1

Hosted by Leila D’Aronville and Caroline Pearce who are cultural freelancers based in Tyne and Wear, England.

In their first podcast, the two talk about failure, the privilege to fail and how the impact of failure is different if you’re in an organisation as opposed to being a freelancer.

It’s heartening to hear about this subject matter being talked about in the arts and cultural sector and what can be done to overcome the fear of admitting that you’ve failed to be able to turn failure into a learning opportunity.

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