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This work reflects on the 15 year time period it has taken the artist, Hello Little Lady, to think about how to make a particular piece of artwork with Dwarf people. The predominately grayscale, A4 digital piece, invites the viewer to consider the challenges the artist faces to birth, platform and create art by a group of people who have historically been the object and spectacle of artistic works.

A Little Pondering – Towards a Takeover

Towards a Takeover is a mini-commission by Disconsortia – a consortium of disabled artists in the North East of England.

A Little Pondering by Hello Little Lady

Hello Little Lady is an artist and creative practitioner using visual, written, audio and participatory practices to explore the Dwarfism community’s lived experiences.

Her debut exhibition ‘You’re Just Little’ in 2018 revealed the obstacles, challenges and societal assumptions Dwarf people face every day. The participatory elements participants from the Dwarfism community in the U.K, the U.S.A, and Australia that challenges the notion of perspective and gaze on the gallery wall.

Steph’s passion is to give a voice and the platform to the Dwarfism community through creative arts. To enable and empower Dwarf people to be in control of how their narratives and stories are published in a world that often ridicules and objectifies our bodies within society rather than showing compassion and understanding of this disability.

Her work explores the themes of accessibility, othering and the tensions between the disability and society.

View the full work and listen to the audio on the exhibition website »


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