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A Little Tension by Hello Little Lady ©2020
A visual artwork piece called A Little Tension. The photo shows a layered piece with a three medical people above the title "How Far Can You Walk? and subheading "Claimant awarded another three years as there may be a medical cure within that time". Below this there is a photo, by Hello Little Lady, sat in husband's car, staring directly at the steering wheel. She cannot see over the wheel. The main contents of the picture is framed with statements HelloLittleLady has had said to her over a lifetime.

A Little Tension – Disconsortia

Content awareness – contains discriminatory phrases used against disabled people and people with dwarfism, examples of a system stacked against disabled people with reference to PIP claims.

A commission for Disconsortia’s – At The Table online exhibition in response to the pandemic and the obstacles disabled people face within the arts and society.

About the work

A Little Tension is a multi-layered text, visual and podcast piece of work exploring the tensions disabled people experience in everyday society, the barriers faced in the systems we encounter and the disproportionate intrusions we have into our lives. The injustice of the system and the structures meant to serve us have come into sharp focus during the pandemic.

Look, read and listen to the full work on the exhibition website »

Copyright notice  – All rights reserved. This work may not be used without written permission.


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